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5 Ways to Sell Liquor More Effectively to Gen Z and Millennials

April 5, 2023

Gen Z’ers (born between 1996 and 2012) and Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) make up over 40% of the U.S. population. With a collective buying power in the trillions of dollars, there's every reason to make the most of this market cohort. Let’s look at how to target these generations with your marketing strategies.

Why It's Different Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials

Gen Z consumers are more sober-curious and, on average, significantly soberer than consumers from other age groups. Younger generations subscribe to safer drinking habits and opt for low-alcohol and alcohol-free beverages. Gen Z’ers and Millennial consumers are using their dollars to back brands that share their values. 

Your company’s purpose or reason for existence is sometimes more important than the product you sell. Consumers want to engage with more sustainable, community-driven producers, conscious of their environmental impact.

What Can Liquor Brands, Bars, and Restaurants Do to Cater to These Consumers?

What can you do to attract sales from Gen Z and Millennial consumers? 

Creating low-alcohol or alcohol-free product offerings is an effective way of being relevant to these mindful drinkers. For bars and restaurants, it's essential to have a tasteful and significant alcohol-free offering. List a few exciting mocktails and include alcohol-free beers on your menu.

Eco-friendliness is imperative in securing customer loyalty from your Gen Z and Millennial cohort. From production to packaging and labeling to distribution, your consumers want to see that you are being thoughtful about the environmental impact of your product’s journey. Consider initiatives to offset your carbon footprint and use recyclable packaging where possible.

Analphabet soup of colorants and additives will not cut it with these ingredient-conscious consumers. Choose ingredients that are natural, organic, and sourced locally.

Five Tips for Liquor Brands to Attract and Keep Gen Z Customers

1. Research Your Demographic

Gen Z’ers are a racially and ethnically diverse generation. Spend some time learning who your target market is and how they interact with brands in the liquor industry.

2. Gen Z’ers Live on Digital Media

Most millennial and generation Z consumers have had access to smartphones and social media for the better part of their adult lives. Your brand must have a solid social media presence and be digitally accessible.

Photo courtesy of BevAlc Insights

3. Be Authentic and Transparent

GenZ consumers won't let you pull the wool over their eyes. Create authentic marketing campaigns that reflect your brand’s story and journey. Be transparent about how you gather and use data for ads and sales.

4. Take a Stand on Social Issues

Younger consumers are more conscious of how their purchasing decisions can impact the greater community and the environment. Sponsor or promote your favorite initiatives.

5. Offer Online Sales

With the time these generations spend using digital media, creating a convenient online purchasing experience is imperative.

How Can We Help You Make More Sales?

Stand out from competitors by staying ahead of the game. If you want to create novel products to attract Gen Z’ers and Millennials, consider partnering with Next Century Spirits. 

The team at Next Century Spirits specializes in creating unique, accessible brands that resonate with the diverse lifestyles of your target market. We can guide you through the entire process, from concept creation to material sourcing, and processing to formulation, to bring life to your ideas.