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A Toast to the Drink Makers - National Bartender Day is Tomorrow!

December 1, 2022

National Bartender Day falls on the first Friday in December, so this year it’s tomorrow, December 2nd, 2022. 

In 2011, the rum brand, Sailor Jerry, founded the day to pay homage to all hard working men and women who give up their late nights so that we can have ours, and we’re sharing some unique ways to celebrate.

Make National Bartender Day a Special Event at Your Bar

Let’s raise a glass to the pint pourers, say cheers to the drinks servers, and give a round of applause to the mixologists. This year, make an event of this special day by turning National Bartender Day into Loyal Customers Day. Invite patrons to come and show their appreciation for their bartenders. 

Here are creative ideas to make the day fun with competitions, mixology events, and more.

Shine the Spotlight on Those Behind the Bar

Bartenders do so much more than serve drinks. They offer a welcoming smile to their patrons and lend an ear to those who need to unpack a stressful day. On weekends, holidays, and late nights, they work when everyone else is relaxing and partying.

So, let this day be about celebrating them!

1. Showcase the Best Cocktail from Each Bartender

Give your mixologists center stage by putting together a special menu highlighting the best cocktail from each one.

2. Change Up Your Menu

Let your bar staff choose the menu for the day or the week. They can select all their favorite drinks to make and serve for the occasion.

3. Hold Mixology Demonstrations

Help your patrons develop a new respect for their mixologists. To give your customers a better idea of all the nuances of making the perfect cocktail, ask your bartenders to share a few demonstrations or lessons on making their favorite cocktails. You can charge a small fee so that they can earn a few extra dollars.

4. Cocktail Contests

Spark a bit of competitive fun between mixologists with a contest for who can make the fastest Long Island Iced Tea.

5. Auction off Showstoppers

Ask your bartenders to create show stopping cocktails and hold a quick auction for the customers to bid on the beverage. Extra dollars can go to rewarding the beverage creators.

Five kinds of classic cocktails

Show Some Love

National Bartender Day is also an opportunity for businesses and customers to show appreciation.

1.         Encourage customers to give generous tips.

2.         Stage a mixology competition and award prizes for the best cocktails - rope in some of your loyal customers to be the judges.

3.         If your establishment has the space, set the scene for a party with a cool DJ or a live band.

4.         Give your bar staff a free meal or a voucher for later.

5.         If your bartenders and mixologists are going to celebrate with a drink or two, organize safe transport home with a taxi or Uber.

Make it a Night to Remember

These creative ideas will make National Bartender Day an occasion to be remembered for patrons and staff. If you have fun ideas for celebrating our mixologists and pint pourers, share them with us on Instagram.