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An Earth Day Toast to Sustainable Spirits

July 13, 2022

Growing trends toward sustainability have seen the spirits industry ramping up its efforts with distilling solutions and sustainable technology in the way they produce spirits. Projects range from eliminating plastic straws to rethinking entire manufacturing operations, giving everyone more reason to celebrate this Earth Day.

Here’s a look at changes worthy of a toast.

The Switch to Sustainability

Some distilleries that have switched to producing sustainable spirits are treating wastewater naturally. After the distillation process, when water is no longer needed, the liquid is transported to an industrial plant for treatment. Wetland facilities treat water through reedbed filters that clean it before releasing the liquid into the local burn.

Other technological advances in sustainability include removing plastics and implementing chemical-free production. Surplus produce from local farmers is also an advantage for distilleries that benefits the farmer since supermarkets will not take it.

Upgrades in Packaging and Transport

Packaging and transportation are significant considerations in the sustainability of a spirit. Some distilleries may use recycled paper for their labels or eco-friendly corks to seal their bottles. Additionally, you may find distilleries offering recycling programs in communities where they manufacture their products.

Some spirits makers are introducing 100% biodegradable bottles that can be refilled or repackaged, thereby eliminating more trash in the environment.

No Artificial Ingredients

Consumers are often unaware of artificial ingredients in the spirits they’re drinking, especially in flavored liqueurs. Unfortunately, some popular brands use synthetic, lab-produced chemicals and flavoring agents. And since spirits are regulated by the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) versus the FDA, which requires food producers to list ingredients, alcohol producers get by without disclosing what’s in the product.

If you aren’t keen on drinking spirits with red dye no. 40, high-fructose corn syrup, and petroleum, you’ll appreciate spirits with all-natural ingredients. Additionally, products using organic botanical fruits and herbs are generally more flavorful and healthier for you.

Marketing Sustainable Spirits

As our civilization advances toward a more sustainable planet, consumers need to be more discriminating. But how can you know if you’re buying a genuinely sustainable product?

Here’s what to look for in a sustainable liquor brand:

  • Consider how the distillery produces spirits. How does it utilize its surroundings for energy and the manufacturing process?
  • What accolades does the distillery have in recognition of its sustainability efforts? Has it earned certifications such as “clean industry” or awards like the “EcoStar”?
  • Consider the team behind the company’s sustainability efforts. Knowing who the brand employs or partners with to produce sustainable spirits ultimately reveals its ongoing efforts to contribute to a better planet.

What You Can Do for Earth Day Every Day

Today is the day when we all need to face the importance of preserving our planet and protecting our families, our health, and fellow humans. And there are ways you can become a partner toward a sustainable world right now.

Act boldly. Become a recycling champion and get the word out through social media posts and sharing with others.

Be innovative. Use your talents and skills to develop eco-friendly systems or ways of creating a greener environment.

Take action. Put your plans into place. Start small by recycling household items and purchasing eco-friendly products.

Be a part of the solution by being accountable and willing to contribute. Raise your glass and celebrate this Earth Day with a toast to a more sustainable planet.  Cheers!