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Bar Cart Essentials - How to Set it Up and Stock it Like a Pro

February 28, 2023

A well-stocked bar cart is ideal for entertaining at home in style. Bar carts are perfect for smaller spaces and have the added convenience of mobility. Show off your mixologist skills indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

A good-looking bar cart can be a stylish feature in your home and a convenient place to store all your cocktail-making essentials. So, here’s a list of what you need for a well-stocked bar cart.

These Six Liquors Should Be On Your Cart

We suggest stocking your bar cart with these six spirits to whip up a few classical cocktails at the drop of a hat.

• Gin

• Rum          

• Vodka (such as BODY Vodka)

• Tequila

• Bourbon (such as Creek Water Whiskey)

• Scotch, Irish or American Single Malt Whiskey (such as Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey)

Quality is vital in creating delicious cocktails, but you don’t need the ultra-premium stuff for mixing cocktails. Look for products made by folks whose stories you believe in so that you have something to relate to when mixing drinks for your guests.

Which Mixers Should I Stock in My Bar Cart?

The next step is to select a few good-quality mixers based on the types of cocktails you plan to serve

• Club soda is something that you will use often

• Love a G&T? Then stock up on a few tonic variations

• Fresh fruit juices (orange, lemon, lime) form the base of many cocktails and pair well with various spirits

• Bitters are a great way to add depth of flavor and color to your cocktails

• If you have space, stock your bar cart with sweeteners like infused simple syrups and agave nectar

Tools of the Trade: Mixers, Shakers, Muddlers, Glasses, and More

What would a bar cart be without a few stylish cocktail-making tools? Kit out your bar cart with these essentials:

• A good cocktail shaker (home mixologists generally prefer a cobbler shaker)

• An ice bucket and tongs are a must for any bar cart or drinks station

• A bottle opener, muddler, and stirring spoons are indispensable

• Set yourself up for perfect mixing with a sturdy and accurate double-sided jigger

• With limited space, you won’t be able to have glassware of every shape and size. Choose one or two versatile styles of drink glasses that will work well for an expansive cocktail menu

• To save trips to the kitchen, you may want to have a small chopping board and a sharp knife for prepping garnishes like lemon slices

• A dish towel is handy for mopping spills and splashes

The Add-Ons: Last-Minute Fresh Flavors to Have on Stand-By

Dress up your bar cart and your cocktails with a few fresh flavors. 

A bowl of brightly-colored citrus is a great décor piece and doubles as a source of flavoring and garnishes for your cocktails. If your bar cart is in a sunny spot, you could also keep a pot of mint to easily snip off a few leaves for your mojitos. 

More shelf-stable options that can stay on your bar cart long-term include dried flowers like hibiscus and lavender. Dried pineapple slices and citrus peel also look gorgeous in cocktails.

Bring Out Your Inner Mixologist With a Well-Stocked Bar Cart

Having all the right spirits, mixers, and cocktail-making tools will make you look like a pro. Mix drinks with style and ease because, at home, any hour is happy hour!

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