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Meet Tyler Nash – Production Technician

July 13, 2022

It takes a whole team to produce a truly great craft spirit, and the Next Century Spirits team is fortunate to have people like Tyler Nash working to make it happen.

Tyler is a production technician, meaning he’s involved in the entire process of producing the premium spirits Next Century Spirits is known for.

The Role of a Production Technician

The duties of a production technician include being responsible for batching, processing, proofing, filtration, barreling, canning, bottling, carbonation, and performing quality audits. To be successful in this position, one has to keep an eye on safety, follow good processes, and work closely with a team.

We spoke with Tyler about the critical role a production technician plays in the production process at Next Century Spirits and how he works to meet the company’s exceptional standards of safety, professionalism, and innovation.

What is a typical workday like for you?

A general day for me includes harvesting barrels, blending spirits for bottling, and doing general maintenance on our equipment. We also work together as a production team to bottle and can spirits.


Is working with large batch production any different than working with small-batch production?

It takes the same level of detail. The only difference is the equipment used to put the batch together is larger and more robust in large batch production. Small batches have the benefit of having more unique flavors as the number of barrels of whiskey going into the batch is smaller.

What’s the most interesting innovation happening in distilling right now?

One of the most exciting innovations involves the ability for small distilleries to use column distillation in fruit and mash-based spirits to improve the overall refinement of spirits usually reserved for large ethanol producers and distillers.

whiskey factory, Interior view of Whisky and Vodka Distillery

What’s your favorite part of the production line?

My favorite part of the production line is the corking machine that seals each bottle of liquid. It is right in the middle of the production assembly line so I can talk with everyone, and it is very satisfying to see all the finished products sealed up.

Would you share your favorite cocktail recipe with us?

One of my favorites is the Clover Club (a classic pre-Prohibition cocktail named after the Philadelphia men’s club where it was first served).

The Clover Club

2oz Gin
3/4 oz Simple Syrup
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Dry Vermouth
3-4 muddled Raspberries
1 small Egg White
*Shaken and Served Up

Producing Unique Craft Spirits

The whole Next Century Spirits team is dedicated to supplying the global spirits market with the best high-quality products possible. The attention to detail, innovative technology, methods, and control over the entire production process make it possible for us to create unique high-quality spirits.

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