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The Best Way to Pair Your Favorite Spirit with Chocolate

July 13, 2022

If you love someone, give them chocolate, right? If you really love someone, give them chocolate and alcohol.

Wine and chocolate pairings have long held the spotlight. But if you’re looking to try something different, there’s no better way than to make a love match between chocolate and spirits.

Why You Should Pair Chocolate and Spirits

Creating delicious flavor combinations, both innovative and classic, is one of our favorite things about producing craft spirits. There are many different ways to combine chocolate and spirits – with something for every taste and price point.

You don’t have to limit yourself to February, either. There’s no wrong time to swipe right on this perfect match.

What Types of Alcohol Work Best in Chocolate Pairings?

There’s an ideal partner for every kind of spirit. An easy way to find the right pairing is to follow the principle of “like with like.”

For example, bourbon with vanilla and caramel notes goes perfectly with a chocolate caramel truffle, while a spiced rum matches well with chocolate studded with candied ginger.

Another way to come up with successful combinations is to imagine the flavors in a recipe. The one thing you don’t want to do is pick chocolate that will be overwhelmed by the alcohol. So, for instance, a bad pairing would be delicate lavender-flavored chocolate with a strong whiskey.

A few other flavor guidelines:

  • Pair aged spirits with chocolates with nutty, caramel, vanilla, or fruity flavors.
  • Pair tequilas with chocolates that have dried fruit mixed in or a fruit filling, or try chocolate spiced with cayenne pepper.
  • Pair gins with chocolate that features citrus flavors.

The Best Way to Pair Chocolate With Spirits

There are multiple ways to set up a date with chocolate and alcohol. You can serve a square of chocolate or a chocolate dessert with a glass of your favorite liquor. You can use chocolate in a cocktail, or add alcohol to a chocolate dessert. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Hot chocolate and coconut rum, garnished with a Samoa cookie
  • A chocolate martini (it’s classic for a good reason)
  • Chocolate Old-Fashioned

Glass and bite pairings

  • A peaty Scotch with a maple bacon chocolate bar
  • Light rum with a strawberry-swirled chocolate bar
  • Vodka with a milk chocolate bonbon filled with raspberries


  • A flight of truffles, each with a different liquor or spirit-flavored filling
  • Mini bourbon chocolate pecan pies
  • Chocolate cake with a whiskey chocolate glaze

Bar and Restaurant Owners – Inspire Your Customers With Unique Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a natural time to feature chocolate and spirits pairings, but don’t forget the rest of the year.

In early spring, you might create a retail display to inspire people who are planning late summer or autumn weddings. Or offer an innovative dessert menu that pairs after-dinner cocktails with decadent chocolate. At the bar, you could create a curated flight of spirits, each paired with the perfect bite of chocolate. It’s also an opportunity to partner with small-batch chocolatiers and spread the love.

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