Innovation, authenticity, inspiration.

Each bottle of Next Century Spirits reveals a one-of-a-kind expression in flavor, taste and memorable consumer experience. Our Master Blender and R&D team are committed to meticulously crafting award-winning yet innovative spirits. Our vast product range includes Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Secondary Cask Finishing and Ready-to-Drink Cocktails.

Bear Fight

Inspired from traditional Scotch makers, their attention to detail, and balance of flavor profiles through careful control of the maturation and finishing process.
Bear Fight utilizes a distinctive copper pot still method, first-fill sherry casks and peat-smoked American oak to create a sophisticated whiskey that stands apart which drinkers can appreciate.

Pecan, red apple, and honeysuckle on the aroma, dried fig, black currant, and candied date in the midrange, with sweet sherry and just a hint of Islay-style peat smoke on the finish.


Caddy Cocktails

Caddy Cocktails are the new drink for the links.

That’s right, your new caddy won’t berate your swing or keep telling you to keep your head down. Instead, Caddy Cocktails are the fun and non-judgmental 18-hole partner you’ve been looking for.

From the back nine to the backyard.

Creek Water

From the mind of Slumerican founder and global recording artist Yelawolf, Creek Water is a whiskey company breaking through traditional barriers. Our grassroots approach fosters a bond with a loyal family of fans who love to live wild at heart.

With grit and with style Creek Water is the brand that gives no apologies … just great whiskey!


SESH is inspired to deliver a more authentic product that aligns with consumer macro trends: health and wellness, premium, and purpose driven products. We aim to usher in a new wave of drinking culture. SESH is combination of the rich and genuine flavor profiles of cocktails, with the low calorie, low carb, and low sugar format of a spiked seltzer. 6% ABV.


The Sake Spritz that's changing the game. What is HAPĒ SAKE? Hapē Sake was created to combine the incredible flavor profile of sake with the accessible format of a spiked seltzer. Our brand seeks to disrupt the boring spiked seltzer market with a unique sake based alternative. Real Fruit. Real Tea. Real Sake. Taste Good and Feel Good. 4.5% ABV. Zero Added Sugar. 100 Calories.


Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey. TruthTeller 1839 is a double-barreled Bourbon crafted for those with a story to tell. Inspired by the new Fox TV Series, Monarch. Gold Medal Whiskey Winner at the 13th Annual New York International Spirits Competition and Silver in Tales of Cocktails 16th Annual Spirited Awards.

BODY Vodka

Jilly Hendrix started with the idea that not all vodka needs to be 40% alcohol volume. So she created BODY to redefine the drinking experience. Choosing to lead with taste over alcohol quantity and create the cleanest, smoothest vodka that is 25% less alcohol than the standard offerings. A product that can replace your 80 proof vodka cocktails so you can enjoy the drinks you love at a better taste and without having to pay (heavy) consequences the next day. We're all about owning your night, not having your night own you.