Flavored Whiskey Grows Up with These Four Unique Flavors

July 13, 2022

The demand for flavored whiskey is growing. Market Watch reported that retail chain BevMo saw a 22.6 percent increase in flavored whiskey sales in 2020, and it doesn’t seem that this trend is slowing down any time soon.

The flavor profiles you can find in the whiskey market are expanding as well. Flavored whiskies were traditionally limited to honey or cinnamon. But today’s market showcases a broader, more diverse set of flavors. They appeal to die-hard whiskey drinkers and those entering the adult beverage market with flavored drinks like hard seltzers.

Consumer Preferences

A distinct flavor can elevate your brand when it comes to craft whiskey and a broad customer base. Can you imagine Starbucks without their pumpkin spice latte?

There are many flavor profiles to choose from, so it’s challenging to narrow the field. But we’ve done our homework, identifying four unique flavors that have proved wildly popular with whiskey drinkers for your inspiration.


Just Add Bacon

A sweet note offers balance to almost any mixed drink. Your mind might turn to honey, which does pair well with whiskey. But there’s an even better flavor combo.

Three words: Maple. Syrup. Bacon.

While producers might have moved past the trend of adding the flavor to pretty much everything, bacon is still one of the most popular foods around. The rich umami taste of bacon and the mellow sweetness of maple syrup just work with the caramel and spice flavors that already exist in whiskey.

Sweet and Salty

One of the most popular flavor profiles for any food or beverage is the sweet and salty combo. And, one of the most popular sweet and salty flavor trends is salted caramel.

The deep brown sugar and the flaky salt blend work well with the vanilla and spice notes in whiskey.


Step Outside the Citrus Box

Mixing fruit with liquor doesn’t always have to be about citrus.

A unique flavor profile that tastes like summer any time of year is the combination of peach and pecan. The blend mixes sweet, nutty, vanilla, and caramel tastes for a smooth and balanced drink.

Add a Little Buzz

Coffee and whiskey go together like, well, whiskey and coffee. And adding a coffee flavor, along with a little bit of a caffeine buzz, is a popular flavor trend right now in many products.

Rich and smooth, a cold brew flavored whiskey is perfect for drinking over ice or with a little bit of cream for a simple yet delicious mixed drink.

A Unique Flavor Can Showcase Your Brand

In the hands of a master blender, flavored whiskey can be a unique craft spirit.

Next Century Spirits crafts high-quality, custom-flavored whiskey that fits your brand. We source, blend, and finish our products to achieve the right taste profile for your next big seller.

And if you’re not sure that flavored whiskey is suitable for your brand, we offer you the opportunity to test the market and then scale up.

How can we help you create the perfect flavor profile for your next flavored whiskey?